travel in Goa, India

This state, the smallest of India, is famous for its extraordinary architectural heritage, lush forests, wildlife and beautiful beaches on the Arabian Sea, not to mention its spicy fish curry!

 Although Goa is a small state, it is known for its many attractions. For example, you can discover the ancient cave paintings over 30,000 years, preserved temples dating back to the fifth century, lost stunts at the beginning of dense forests, rivers down the boat, wildlife reserves and all beaches beauty.

 Hiding in a beach hut built on the sand and lazing in the shade on a hammock or sunbathing on the beach before going to party to the morning glow in one of the legendary nights of Goa. Goa is full of beach houses to spend your holidays, but it is advisable to check in advance to know the facilities, which are sometimes very rudimentary.

The beach of Arambol is considered one of the most beautiful of Goa. On Wednesday, do not miss to visit the lively flea markets of Anjuna Beach. Take a walk along the freshwater lake on the edge of the Kalacha beach. The remarkable beach of Vagator with the curved head offers you stunning views of Chapora's fortress. Enjoy the tranquility of Benaulim Beach and enjoy a boat trip to watch the dolphins.;url=

The region is full of natural wonders, including many national parks, which are only exploring, such as the West Ghats mountain range, famous for its rich wildlife. Wait in the depths of the jungle, where you will see the ancient temples of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary (Bhagwan Mahavir Nature Reserve). Here you can see Bengal tigers, panthers, coins, leopards and macaques. Watch the wounded panthers and carry at the rehabilitation center of the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary zoo. Make a safari in the middle of the deer or an elephant ride.

The historical heritage of Goa, as well as its nature, is intact. Discover a temple of the fifth century dedicated to Hindu deity Brahma and admire the architecture of the Shantadurga temple marked by the influences of Portuguese invasions. Do not forget to visit Goa Velha, Old Town of Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was two centuries the capital of the Portuguese colony of Goa. In the southern part of the state of Goa, you can enjoy prehistoric cave paintings depicting hunting scenes and daily life, which give an idea of ​​the ancient human presence on the bottom of Goa.

To go to Goa, take a plane to Goa International Airport (Dabolim) and hire a car to reach the area. Most tourists visiting Goa choose between October and January, but the mowing season between June and September also has its charm because the vegetation is the most luxurious.

Goa is a state, not a city that extends one hundred kilometers from north to south and about fifty from east to west. This 3 700 km² enclave, Portuguese to 1961, is bathed by the Oman Sea. The capital, Panaji (Panjim), is a small town, but not without charm.
We will not stay there because the majority of tourists (more and more Russians) come to Goa for the beaches! The state has 120 km of coastline, with as many Indians as foreigners in the good season. From November to March, the smallest state of India sees double the population (representing more than 1.3 million inhabitants).
Goa is already South India with its light, climate, fertile and green land, tropical vegetation and coconut landscapes, rice fields and flower gardens, all lined with long sandy beaches.

Going north or inland, sleeping under the palm trees, scattered churches and very charming houses, decorated with tiles (Portuguese ceramic blue and white colors) or more rampant charms (witnessing the past greatness of Portuguese), living together with Hindu temples .
In general, the beaches are beautiful, wide, but you have to admit, not always as clear: it is neither in Tahiti nor in Thailand! The waters are clean, although not of great clarity, the overall color is more gray than blue (except on certain days); Their temperature is ideal, not too hot or too cold.


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